sorry i had to cut out from the end: if i didnt this video would be taken down : if you would like to watch the whole…

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clocksslaytime sagt:

Andy’s segment was great, too bad Norm Macdonald did it 5 years ago.

Shavedify sagt:

Jeff Ross won.

The Fiji Clan sagt:

lls i was like holy shit its blake!!!

RomanCoronado sagt:

I’m 3 mins into this and already I can tell Seth Rogen is the worst roast master ever. If saying a person’s name makes you laugh then that’s pathetic.

TheMadMaud sagt:


_TheBringerOfRain_ sagt:

yeah Greg was an awesome roaster! miss him to :(

melatlove2000 sagt:

Call it what

joe hoffman sagt:

So which jew guy / girl do i have to make a deal with?? Please?

Jason L sagt:

you sir are the man!!

Blake Hinkle sagt:

Nick Kroll was the best

TheLILSAINT14 sagt:

Jeff Ross is still keeping it real though. But yea you’re, it’s not the same.

Julio Johanson sagt:

honestly…BRAVO to everyone who spoke…the best roast i’ve ever seen, hands down

Bati Tsogtsaikhan sagt:


Paul Pereira sagt:

Who are these people?? Are they actual comedians?? Very conservative, needs to be more raunchy…

Satarah Johnson sagt:

Take a drink every time you hear Jew

nicolas hernandez sagt:

Andy too funny

nikoru8407 sagt:

Greg Giraldo…sigh…things will never be the same….

Archiesssss sagt:

Andy, Bill and Jonah killed it too funny and Jeff Ross had some really good ones too

soarfree402 sagt:

Andy is so sweet oh my gosh. I admire how he totally took it the other way I definitely didn’t expect that. The closing joke about them all being terrified he got it spot on I love him even more now :‘)

XxxMegaZeusxxX sagt:

Haha hes cashin check from the 4th largest moblie company

TheCrystvlShip sagt:

they should cal this the roast of Jonah hill

Dirt Mcgirt sagt:

Kind of reminded me of a sub-par Norm McDonald when he roasted Bob Saget.

Jacqueline Palomera sagt:

I’ve never seen Sarah Silverman be funny.

Ali Fareed Mc sagt:

Ralph as in Puke lol

Semaj Jones sagt:

Wow, every single one of them was at the worst, pretty fuckin funny. Probably the worst roaster was Jonah (He’s a hero of mine by the way) and he was great for a guy uncomfortable making fun of his friends in public. But you have to give it to the ladies here. Sarah and Natasha really shined. I don’t even want to talk about Jeff Ross. That’s just a given. But to be honest, I love character work and my favorite was Hader. Great show.

holypoop88 sagt:


assassin3437 sagt:

By the nature of his immature and self destructive jokes, I think Andy Samberg had the best set.

WuApricot sagt:

This was the best roast by far.

caramelking0693 sagt:

Natasha was THE best lmaoo.

lynagy him sagt:

thanks for the upload dude!! Bill Hader was the best

Ruben Magana sagt:

Seth MacFarland should of hosted the roast

MuppetMollyStarGleek sagt:

Ross killed Jonah!

Deevon Sanchez sagt:


gogojason1 sagt:

Andy & azis were killing it haha

gogojason1 sagt:

Haha Andy was genius :‘)

cherriebaby2 sagt:

<3 loved this Roast ! Too funny!

dirk diggler sagt:

He calls it „Genius Unscathed“, and then he spray paints his signature on the podium, says goodnight, and the show ends. That’s all that’s missing.

McFinntastic sagt:

He was really fucking funny but I think if you don’t like that sort of jokey making fun of myself kinda comedy then you wouldn’t find it funny. I thought Leggero was the funniest though, she killed it.

MuppetMollyStarGleek sagt:

Well friggin done to everybody.
Also, Bill Hader’s LAUGH. XD

Taylorgandino sagt:

Wrong bill nigh he can call it whatever the fuck he wants because fuck you, that’s why.

Nigel Britto sagt:

 „I call it Genius Unscathed and this is my masterpiece.“

Jessica Viscusie sagt:

You guys have no humor, Andy fucking killed. I was dying laughing.

FlicknAwesomeReviews sagt:

How does bill hader not laugh while he plays mr Hollywood

Vinay Noah sagt:

Here the missing last seconds :

Chris Casilli sagt:

Damn. I wish McBride was a roaster. He woulda crushed it

McFinntastic sagt:

Fucking hell, Natasha Leggero was really fucking funny, didn’t see that coming. Some really quite harsh jokes in there but still damn good.

Chris Casilli sagt:

Samberg, wow. So funny

BlueCheeta sagt:

Like if you skipped to the end to see what was cut off.

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